Our Story

About Us


We are a dog loving family that is dedicated in breeding purebred dogs. And we are totally commited in making them happy because seeing them happy also brings us alot of joy and satisfaction. You are looking at our AKC champion bloodline boxers. We are located in a small town in south Texas, Eagle Pass Our dogs are raised and cared for as a part of us, as a family. 

Healthy Champion Bloodline

We have been breeding and raised boxers for over 15 years. And though there is no such thing as perfection, we have be giving are all in trying to breed the perfect american boxer line of puppies, as far a structure, health, and temperament is concern. 

Just like any other puppies , Boxer puppies have their pros and cons too but what is a fact is that they are some of the most loyal, friendly, energetic, chearful and playful puppies you will ever find. they are also very delicate creatures that is why they need best health care services to them.

With enough conviction, we will continue to strive in breeding and delivering the healthiest, and most well-nortured, and loving boxers!

Best Companions & Friends

Boxers are wonderful pets,because of their outstanding temperament like, them being devoted, bright, confident, brave, inteligent, friendly, playful and much more which make them wonderful pets for families, great companions for children and adults alike.

With the many stressful situations we face in our daily lives today, we need to feel loved and welcome when we are home and pets are one of the best companions we can have in our homes to enjoy this feeling. Boxers are just so great at bringing joy to opur lives and we love them too.